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Donna S.

2012-09-10 16:04:24 browner


“During this project it was obvious that browner’s management was extremely conscientious regarding the quality of workmanship, safety of their employees and the sub-contractors and adherence to the construction schedule. They also worked closely with us to minimize change orders and cost overruns. We are very proud of our newest facility and the quality of the building makes a lasting first impression to all….I would recommend this construction company to others and gladly work with them again in the future.”

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Ron B.

2012-09-10 16:04:04 browner

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Browner Building and Design for their professional and courteous service. I am happy with the speed and workmanship which your men applied to finishing the job. I would recommend Browner Building and Design to anyone that needed work done right.

Ron B.

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Anna Somervell

2012-09-10 16:03:35 browner

Apt Hunters

“Throughout the course of construction, many details were subjected to the usual litany of last minute changes. The patience, professionalism, speed and skill with which these items were handled was nothing short of amazing.”

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Albert A. Samson

2012-09-10 16:03:12 browner

VP DDS inventory

“We know the specifications we had decided upon made your work much more difficult than would be the normal case, but you each handled the renovation with good suggestions, ideas and workmanship and we are both very pleased with the outcome.”

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Rodger M. Gardner, Jr.

2012-09-10 16:02:48 browner

Happy Homeowner

“Your people were a joy to work with, and I can assure you that I would be the first in line to recommend browner building and design for any construction project”

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